Friday, January 21, 2011

North Cape Adventure

Hello All,
Jon and I rented a car yesterday and took a drive up to Cape Reinga.It is located at the very top of the North Island. The drive of about 100 miles took us through farmland, rolling hills and lots of small towns. The weather was overcast when we left at 0900 but the farther we headed north the better the weather became. When we arrived at the cape it was partly cloudy and sun shining. It was very busy there with lots of tourists. The cape is about 800 feet above sea level so the view was spectacular. There is an old fashioned light house that you can walk out to and a little park and bench's surrounding it. We got lots of good pictures while we were there and I will try to post some of them when I get a chance. After spending a few hours at the cape we started our way back home. Along the way we stopped at 90 mile beach, it is along the west coast of the Island and where there is beach access you can drive on it. The sand is very fine so it makes a very hard surface. we drove the car a few miles one way and then back. It reminds me of Daytona Beach in Florida. There are sand dunes also where people can do sand surfing.
We made our way back to Opua and had planned on going to Paihia last night to check out the night life. We were taking the dingy in to go ashore when a couple of locals flagged us down from the dock. They needed to catch a ride out the the boat they were crewing on for race week, there has been sailboat races here all week, we gave them a ride and they invited us aboard for a beer. The boat came up here from Auckland to race and after visiting for a few hours we all went into town to and had a great time. The people here are wonderful and try very hard to make the visitors welcome.
Today it is pouring down rain so we have just been reading and hanging out. Jon is leaving Monday afternoon so I will enjoy his company in till then.
That's all for now so I will talk to you soon.


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