Monday, January 17, 2011

Stormy days in Opua

Hello All,
It has been a while since I have blogged so I will fill you in on whats been going on.NOTHING lol. I have just been fixing stuff on the boat and varnishing the wood. I fixed my exhaust issue with a new piece of hose and I ran it differently so that should fix that problem. I finished the varnish work right before it started raining and blowing yesterday.
Jon made it up here on Friday afternoon so we have been catching up. He spent the holidays on the south Island with his sister and her partner. She was here for 3 weeks and they had a great time. He has been showing me all of the pictures and some video of there adventure. He even went sky diving, he said it was a thrill. I have never done that but I am told it is scary and fun at the same time. Saturday Jon and I took the 4 mile long trail along the coast to Paihia. It was a beautiful day so we just hung out in town for a bit then hitch hiked back to the boat.
There is a Cyclone brewing just north of us so the weather has been crap for the last 2 days. We hope it clears in the next few days so we can get out and do something. We have reserved a rent a car for Friday so we can make a road trip up to the North Cape and take a look around up there and do some hiking. Jon will be leaving on Monday to catch a flight to Australia where he will spend a month touring the country.
That's all I know for now so I will get back to my book and watch the rain come down.


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  1. Read "Lord of Alaska" the story of Baranof. Good book! Happy Day. Stan