Friday, January 28, 2011

Back to work

Hello All,
No I didn't get a job, I own a boat so there is no time for work. haha. Actually a job is sometimes easier than owning a boat. Jon left on Monday so since then I have been doing projects. The weather was great in till yesterday when it poured down rain all day and half of the night. I had to add a few things to the to do list after moping up water in the cabin from old caulking. My refit was almost 3 years ago and the boat is showing some wear. There is no huge projects to do , mostly little ones but they seem to take the most time.
I got my new solar panels mounted and wired and they work awesome. Every morning except for yesterday the sun goes to work on charging my system and by noon it is done. I think my generator feels a little left out now. The weather is suppose to be nice for the next 4 days so I'm gonna be busy resealing hardware and hope that plugs all the holes.
That's all I know for now so I will talk to you soon.


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  1. Rick, I don't know if you get these comments or read them but I'm curious with all the rain in Australia and the cyclones, are you affected by any of this weather? Seems like a dangerous time of the year to be sailing in the South Pacific. Hope all is well and your caulking is being replaced. Take care.