Friday, December 9, 2011

New posted pictures and a thank you to the followers

Hello All,
It's just another beautiful hot day in Gizo. My crew search is going well I have a few options which is a good thing so now if one decides to go I will be busy trying to get them into the country. Most places in the world now do not accept a person from a foreign land to come to a country without proof of them being able to leave and the Solomons is no exception. It's not hard just a bunch of paperwork. I will keep you posted on my progress.
I was fooling around with my blog settings and came across how many page reads have been made. 10,000 in the US alone and 2nd up was the UK at 1700. 6 other countries were listed with less numbers. I was amazed and wanted to thank everyone that has been keeping up with me. It makes me feel good that people are interested in the travels of this little double ended boat and its Alaskan skipper.
Thank you one and all.
I am going to be writing some articles on some things I have not explained very well, like food the Islanders eat so, keep your eyes open.


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