Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Round House

Hello All,
I hope everyone had a great Christmas and I want to thank everyone that sent me an email wishing me one. The last few days I have been doing some light maintenance and exploring around the Island by dingy. I spent a few hours yesterday with the snorkel cleaning the bottom of the boat. Paula and Rafal were the last ones to do it so it was due. It makes it much easier if you do it every few weeks. I am still anchored here at Liapari and have decided to stay till after the new year. Laurie and Karen the assie couple left to go to a resort yesterday for the new year so now it is myself and a couple from Switzerland. We have been going to the round house every night at 5 to talk to Noel and Rosie and having a great time visiting. It sounds like we will all have a BBQ for new years and Noel has some old flares to shoot for fireworks.
Tomorrow the Swiss couple and myself are taking the water taxi to Gizo to get some groceries and I need to send off a few faxes to my new crew arriving on the 10th. This is a much quieter anchorage than Gizo and new years there could be a little crazy so I figured the boat is safer here and its easier to get projects done. I will probably take the boat back over to Gizo sometime next week.
I will keep in touch and let you know what's happening.


P.S. Trivia moment, The Island next door to us Vella Lavella has an old abandon Air strip that during the war was the home base for the Black Sheep Squadron. There is a trail that leads over there and I will explore it in the next few days.

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