Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sanbis Resort

Hello All,
We left Gizo yesterday to explore around inside the Gizo Island lagoon. Most of the anchorages are fairly close to town so it is very easy to get away from it all. We found a beautiful day anchorage on the north end of the airport Island. The water was very clear and the corals were very nice. Gizo is a pretty unique place because the airport is located on an Island 1 mile from town. The Island its self has white sandy beach's and has a very nice reef that surrounds it. One of the nicest airports I have ever seen. After spending the afternoon at the airport we brought the boat south and anchored off of Mbambanga Island right in front of the Sanbis Resort. It is owned by an Australian guy and everyone here is very nice. They have this really cool bar that is out over the water on pilings with a small dock to tie the dingy to. They make home made pizza and have a big screen TV that you can watch DVD's on. They also have a pool table and I lost in a bad way to one of the locals last night. It is a very small resort and they have only 2 guests at the moment so it is a very quiet place.

We will spent one more night here then we will move on to I dont know where yet. Paula and Rafal will be leaving on Monday so we will head back to town in a few days.
I will talk to you soon.


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