Friday, May 4, 2012

Hello All,
Yesterday I had an unexpected surprise. I was invited on to a local power boat to go across the bay for a picnic. We went over to Awaji Shima Island about 8 miles from here. The weather wasn't that great but with 400 horse power we got there in about 40 minutes. There was 4 of us on the boat with one guy from Scotland. He has been living here teaching English for 7 years and was giving private lessons to the owner of the boat. Forgive me but I can't remember everyone's names but we had a great time and had some great food. The Japanese picnic in style. They brought tables and chairs and had electricity also. We tied up to a small dock and took everything off of the boat and put it on the concrete dock.
The docks here look like bunkers made of concrete and steel. Their harbors are very protected from the Typhoons that hit the area from time to time. We had a great lunch and returned back to Suma in the late afternoon.
I have some pictures and will post a few on the blog.
My transmission has been sent FedEx as of yesterday so I will be looking for that early next week.
That's all for now so I will talk to you soon.


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