Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Downtown Kobe

Hello All, Yesterday we took the train to downtown Kobe. The public transport here is amazing. We really had no plan so we just walked around and checked out a few flee markets and went to a Memorial Park dedicated to the 1995 earthquake which wiped out the port and left the city in ruins. Kobe recieves 40 percent of the shipping goods to the country so it is a massive facility. This is one of the most modern cities I have been to in my life. The weather today is rainy and windy so we are just catching up on Internet stuff at the Marina Office. We put Stephen on a train to Tokyo yesterday morning. I am sad to see another great crew member and friend go again. My swedish crew are leaving for Tokyo tomorrow night so I will be solo again till the 1st of June when my Japan to Alaska crew shows up. I have a lot more to write about and will get everyone caught up in the next few days. PEACE

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