Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sailboat race this weekend

Hello All,
I got back from Toshi's house this morning. He picked me up at the marina yesterday afternoon and he took me in his car to Osaka where we found a marina store. I got a few rope blocks to replace those that were broken on the boat. Marina stores are few and far between here. If he has time Toshi orders parts from West Marine in California, because of the lack of parts found here. We also went to COSTCO wholsale, it was interesting shopping there. A mix of American and Japanese food all in bulk like at home. I loaded up on pasta and sauce to go with, olives, corn and a few staple items. The boat is pretty well stocked now between what I got here and Guam. I will go for fresh stuff locally when the time comes.

After all of the shopping we went and picked up his wife from her work and they took me to a very nice Sushi bar. Wow that was really good. They had me try a few things they like and it was wonderful. We went back to their home after that and visited and watched TV for a bit. They have a very nice home on the hill side that over looks Kobe and Osaka. We had a great time and they were very good hosts. They were very kind to invite me to stay at there lovely home. It is very cool to see how the Japanese people actually live.

We were watching the news last night and they were talking about a Solar eclipse that is suppose to happen on Monday. I haven't seen an eclipse since 1986. That will be cool to see again. Also there is a yacht race happening here tomorrow so lots of boats have been showing up today. They are setting up some big tents by the office and I think they are having some kind of feed tonight. I will go check it out later.

For now I am trying to find a place for all of these groceries. I figured if they were easy to put away I don't have enough so I will let you know how that goes.


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