Sunday, May 13, 2012

New friends and Mothers Day

Hello All,
I have been busy doing more exploring on the bike and I just finished patching up the dingy. A few of the seams in the back were coming loose and it was letting in water on the floor. I have been letting it dry out on deck for a week and I just put it in the water today and I think its fixed. I bought it new in Tahiti 2 years ago but constant use and the tropical heat has really taken a toll on it. I wont be using it much anymore but when I do need it at least I wont have frigged cold water coming in.

I have been visiting with my neighbor boat when he comes down to work on it. Toshi has a really nice Japanese built sailboat that he bought in disrepair last year. I helped him remove some rotten rails yesterday. We also had a nice visit, he speaks very good English and is a real character. Toshi and his wife invited me to there home next week for dinner. He will also take me to a marine shop where I need to get a small block for my rigging then after that we will go check out the new Costco grocery store that is close to where he lives. I am really curious what they will have in there. 100 pound sacks of rice and 50 pounds of sushi perhaps.

This week at the Marina there will be some sail boat races. They were having a small sailboat race today and the big boat races will be some time this week. A bunch of boats have already showed up for the big boat race so it should be an interesting week here in Suma.

That's all I know for now so I will talk to you soon.


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