Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sailing San Diego Bay

Hello All,
How is everyone?I survived the storm we got last week with out to much trouble.The most I saw it blow was 50 knots and boy did it rain.I don't know how many inches but I am sure it was a lot.while I was weathering the storm I took a complete inventory of equipment and tools I have on board.I found stuff I haven't seen in years.To my surprise there are 40 lockers or storage compartments on board and there all stuffed.That little job took me a few days and I hated every minute of it.
We finally got some better weather so yesterday Tobias,my new crew,and I took the boat out sailing in the bay.I also got the boat fueled up while we were out.The wind was light but got to practice getting the sails up and how to trim everything to get the best performance.The new main sail worked awesome.I am so glad I made that investment.
For the next few days I am gonna get some stuff ordered up that I need to make the trip down.Time flies when your having fun.I plan to get the boat out again on Wednesday and make a trip up to Mission Bay and anchor up there and just hang out.It will be good practice for going off shore and I can show him how to drop anchor.
Ok well thats all I know for now so I will talk to you guys later.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Back in Chula Vista

Hello All,
I know it been a while since my last post.My internet connection at the Marina doesn't work anymore for some reason.It is hard to find a good coffee shop in this town.I haven't been doing to much lately,just getting the boat cleaned up so I can do some wiring here soon.I did take on a little job washing and waxing my neighbors 47 foot cabin cruiser,man thats alot of work.I forgot what it was like to do laboring jobs like that.I am not 24 anymore thats for sure.I met my potential crew last weekend,he is a german traveler here checking out California.He is staying with some friends here in town and has been coming down to the marina helping me out a little.I am hoping in a few days we can take the boat out and see how he does.
I rented a car on monday and and went up to Costa Mesa and picked up my new sails.My crew went along for the ride and helped me install the mainsail on the boat.He is a really nice guy and i hope everything works out.I paid for another month at the marina so I am good till the 12th of February.I hope to be ready to go buy then.
Well I better get out of here and head for the boat.I will try to keep up with this a little better and keep you all updated.I added some new pics of where I am staying here so take a look.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hello All,

Hi everyone,

Long time no talk.I have been busy with the holidays and family.I had a good Christmas and got very practical gifts as I have to haul them all back to San Diego.I will be leaving tomorrow night out of Anchorage on the red eye flight.

I cant believe its been a month already,time flies when your having fun.I have a few leads on crew to go with me and will follow up when I get back to the boat.My new sails are done so I will be making a road trip up to Costa Mesa to pick them up.The boat is pretty much ready to go,I have a few little things I have to deal with.

I will keep you guys updated as things happen.

I hope everyone had a great holiday season and I hope 2010 will be a good year for everyone.I know 2010 will be one for the books in my little world.

That all for now.