Sunday, July 26, 2009

In Ketchikan Ak

Well Hello Again,
We got here at 1100.We got to sail for a few hours this morning so it made a fast crossing for us.We left Petersburg on Friday and went through the Wrangell Narrows,a short cut to Wrangell.It was overcast but not raining.What a beautiful piece of water,its like cruising on a lake but only a quarter mile wide in spots.We made it to Wrangell that night and just took a walk around.I must say i like it as much as Petersburg.We left Wrangell Saturday and headed for a small anchorage half way to Ketchikan,about 45 miles,called Meyers Chuck.Its a very small town with basically no services.It is a very small cove and it was low water so there was rocks sticking out all over,stressed me out.They have a Public dock there but it was full of boats so we had to anchor up on a rocks and gravel bottom ,not ideal.We left there at 0500 and here I am.
We will be leaveing here in the morning for Foggy Bay,an anchorage between here and Prince Rupert Canada.

I may be off the air here for a week or so unless i can find internet in Canada,lets hope huh

I have added a few more videos so take a look

Im outtie


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

In Petersburg Ak

Hello all,
We arrived here  yesterday the 21st at 1700.I got ahold of my family that lives here this morning and im hoping to meet up with them this evening.We took a walk around and its pretty cool town.The folks here are real friendly.A fisherman we met down at the dock last night gave us a silver salmon so we will be eating like kings again.We are using the internet at this cool bar, Kito's Kave.I hope we get done uploading stuff soon or they will have to pour us out of here.

I have 2 new videos of us in Prince William Sound and I have more pics under Southeast Alaska.I have more video to upload to get more up to speed but it takes time so im working on it.
Ok, I'm off to change the oil on the boat so we will talk to you soon


Sunday, July 19, 2009

In Juneau Ak

Hi everyone

Im sitting in a little coffee shop in Juneau.We got in at 1635 yesterday. We finally found a place to tie up the boat last night.The Harbors are stuff full here.I just hung around the boat last night.Today we are gonna stroll around some.The weather is good,a little sun and clouds.No rain so far today,hope it holds.Ok ,im going to get busy here.


P.S. Check out the new photos and i have a surprise for Deadliest Catch fans under the Cordova Pics Album

Heading for Juneau Ak

Hello All,

Well we just spent the night in Crab Cove on the Mansfield Peninsula about 50 miles out of Juneau Alaska.It started raining this morning so Mike and I are taking shifts to dry out and warm up.We just came up the lynn Canal and making our way around into Juneau.We got to sail for about 2 hours last night until the wind died about 20 minutes from the cove.Oh well,its hit and miss here in Alaska.Mike caught a Silver Salmon leaving the cove this morning so we had a good breakfast.I just came off wheel watch to warm up and dry out so i thought id take the time to write and keep everyone up to speed.We should be getting in to town about 1530.Ill try to post more pictures while we are there so look for them soon.

Ok I am going to go for now


Thursday, July 16, 2009

We made it to South East Alaska

Well we are here in Elfin Cove AK, just north east of Cape Spencer.We just took a tour around here and it is a very cool place,reminds me of Halibit Cove in kachemak Bay.Had a good crossing across the gulf,mostly following seas until about a day out then got some easterlies .We left Cordova at 1500 on Monday July 13 and arrived here at 1100 Thursday.I must talk about our route out of Cordova,its out Orca Inlet which is very shallow water and has channels you have to follow to a tee.I took the advise of some locals and found the best way out to save me about 60 miles off the trip.It was hair rasising to say the least.I draw 5 feet of water and at times i saw 6 feet but never hit bottom even with the swell.It is not a common route for sailboats only for fisherman but it worked out good and i can say i crossed the Copper River bar in a sailboat.After that it was a 24 hours a day grind to get across the gulf to calmer waters.From here we will work our way to Juneau Ak.Will leave here in the morning and hopefully be there by Saturday.will talk to you all soon.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Still in Cordova

Hello Everyone

Sorry its taken so long to write.I have been busy here in Cordova hanging out and visiting folks on the dock and some people i know from here.

As most of you know myself and my crew michael  left Homer on the 3rd of july and spent the night over at Sunshine point and visited with Zak and Becky Porter that evening.We spent the night there on the mooring anchor and left for Nuka passage to make our way to Prince William Sound to meet up with my friend Daren.He commercial fishs there and wanted to take a little break and show us around.It was a very nice crossing,we had excellent weather coming around the Kenai Peninsula.There wasent much wind so had to motor most of the way but was nice to see it so calm and sunny.We met up with Daren and his family in Port Nellie Juan on the 6th of July and anchored up in a quiet little cove close to where he was fishing.He tied up to us that evening and had a good time visiting and hanging out.

On the 7th we took both boats a few miles down the bay , went to shore and explored an old abandon Cannery.Westgate Cannery the locals call it,it operated in the late 1800's till the 40s or so.After that we motored down to Port Nellie Juan glacier.we left my boat in a cove close by and took his boat to the head of the glacier and got to see it up close,dodging ice bergs and rocks.We had fresh fish that night for dinner and stayed in the cove.

On the 8th we parted ways and we headed for Hidden Bay on the east side of Coross Island.It has a very narrow entrance but opens up to a big bay about a mile in.We anchored up right by a cool little water fall and spent the night there.

On the 9th we headed for Cordova AK on the east side of the sound.Its a little fishing community that has a very rich history.It was the port used for copper ore coming from Kennicott mine by rail from 1910 to 1938.i looked up some friends here,  Dean and Roseanne.Dean fishes here and hes good friends with Daren.We had a nice visit with them the night we got here and Daren left his pick up at there house so we borrowed it to drive around town

On the 10th we drove out to the million dollar bridge.Its 50 miles east of town on mostly gravel road.It was built for the railroad to cross between 2 glaciers.We checked out the Miles Glacier while we were there and it was fabulous.

On the 11th Dean and his dad Harry came down to the boat and hung out a while.They gave me some advise on short cuts to leave here and head south.Nothing like some local knowledge of the area.I took Mike out to Darens house and ran into his father and law,Lee West and his new wife Connie.Lee has his summer home right next door to Daren

Today we are trying to decide when to leave here,maybe tomorrow.

We will be heading for Juneau AK in the Inside passage.I will write more when i can.


Friday, July 10, 2009

In Cordova

Hi everyone,
Sorry its been so long since  ive wrote anything here.Ive been out of internet range.Im gonna have a blow by blow account of the trip to Cordova on here tomarow.

see ya