Monday, November 30, 2009

Chula Vista Marina,San Diego

Hello all,
I am writing you from the comfort of my own boat,this marina has WIFI Yay!
Since the last time I posted there have been a few events that lead me to this place in South San Diego Bay.
We left MDR to head for Alamitos Bay in Long Beach to pick up my sails and just hang out a few days.When we arrived I went to check in to get a slip and I was asked for insurance for which I have none.They were kind enough to let me stay one night but would have to leave the next day if I couldn't provide insurance paper work.So we left that morning to head for Dana Point Marina,this time I called ahead to get a slip and same thing,no insurancey no parky.We pulled an all nighter to get to Mission Bay which is north San Diego.They have a free anchorage where you can stay 3 days.I figured I could use this free refuge to make some calls and find a place to park this thing.But of coarse its Thanksgiving so no one is open or if they were it was the same wore out question,do you have insurance?We aired up the raft and had Thanksgiving dinner ashore at this Japanese dinner house,I must say that was one of the most unusual Thanksgiving dinners I have had in recent memory.It was such a weird feeling not being allowed to dock anywhere,like I was banished from my own country.

Friday morning arrived so I got on the phone again and walla, Chula Vista Marina would take me in.Boy I was so relieved,after I got here they did tell me that I would have to get insurance but least they were kind enough to take me in.
I have since taken care of that little problem and I get to leave this boat here for a month so I can go home and see my family for the holidays.It is a nice marina and all the folks here are very friendly.Like Alameda ,
town is a trek away so my bike gets a few more miles on it.
Sam left for Los Angeles yesterday to hang out with friends and figure out what he wants to do.As for me,I will work on the boat and get it all ready for me to be gone for a month.
I added pics to Marina Del Rey album and took some of Long Beach and San Diego.I will try to get some video up here to so keep an eye out.
Well thats all for now,talk to you all soon


Monday, November 23, 2009

Marina Del Rey

Hello all,
We finally made it here.Sorry for the delay,we stayed in Santa Barbara an extra day to explore.We arrived here yesterday afternoon.Wow was there alot of boats coming and going out of this marina.I did get a little video of the trip down to here and hope to post it in the next few weeks.We got to sail some out of Oxnard but the wind dyed out.It picked up right before arriving here but we were so close I just kept the motor going.That is the way it works down here.It is calm in the morning but picks up in the afternoon then lays back down after dark.Once I get to San Diego I want to enjoy a nice leisurely sail in the afternoon sun then go back in for a tottie hehe.This Marina is so massive you cant see it all from one place so I think we may air up the dink and cruz around some just to see it all.Just for trivia purposes this is the worlds largest man made harbor with over 6000 boats here. I loaded up more pics under Santa Barbara and I will add more of Marina Del Rey as I take them.
We will leave in the morning for Long Beach and pick up my sails.
Thats all I know for now so will talk to you all soon.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Santa Barbara

Hello All,
Well we made it to Santa Barbara.The weather here is awesome,it gets a little cold at night but the days are in the 70s.I have been here before driving through and forgot how pretty this place is and coming in from the water makes it that much better.
Our crossing down here from Morro Bay was very nice with just enough wind to sail most of the way down.We stopped on San Miguel Island which is the most northern of the channel Islands and found a nice bay to anchor in.We stayed there 2 days so I could do some repairs to the boat and just enjoy the weather.Sam took the dink to shore to check out the nice sandy beaches.
Our next stop was Santa Cruz Island.We had really good wind so got to sail the whole 33 miles to Prisoners Harbor which is not a harbor at all.There is a pier there to fish off of and a little state park there also.It is protected from NW winds but not from alot of the swell.I wont get to detailed about it but it reminded me of sleeping underway in the Pacific Ocean but with the anchor out.After being entertained all night by the lovely Prisoners Harbor (NOT) LOL we headed for Santa Barbara,not 15 minutes into the trip after getting out of the Islands lee we were greeted to 10 foot seas and I recorded 36 knots so the dodger got a work out and the decks got good and cleaned off.I didnt have any sails up but at 36 knots I would have had just the staysail up.After about an hour into the crossing the wind came down to 25 so I put up the staysail and a double reefed main but kept the engine running just to get us here before the weather decided to entertain us once again.The wind dyed out about an hour out so the rest of the trip was uneventful.
I added a few pics to the site and will add more as I walk around here more.
Next stop Oxnard Ca
Talk to you all soon


Friday, November 13, 2009

Morro Bay

Hello All,
We made it to Morro bay Wednesday after noon after briefly stoping at San Simeon Bay.I want ed to stay there originally but we ran into a couple there anchored up that said the weather was gonna come up and wanted to get protection at Morro Bay.San Simeon Bay was really a pretty anchorage and had an awesome view of Hearst Castle.At the last minute I thought that was a good idea so we followed them over here.It was about 25 miles so I think that made it about a 27 hour day from Santa Cruz.
We got to sail for about 12 hours coming down with the wind at our stern and a following sea.It blew up to 30 knots before midnight and by 0300 it was dead calm.Oh well was fun to get the sails up again and hope to do that again tomorrow after noon.The weather has been decent but the seas picked up and so did the wind so we figured we would wait it out here for a few days.
I talked to my sail maker today and he told me hes about a week out on having them done so I am gonna drag my feet getting to LA by going over to see the channel Islands,they are off the Santa Barbara coast.After that I think we will go into Santa Barbara and check that out then on to Alamitos Bay where I will pick up my new sails.
We have been checking out Morro Bay the last 2 days and this is a really cool place.It is a weird mix of stuff.The Harbor mostly consists of fishing boats and the beaches with surfers,fishermen and surfers together in one place,what a mix of culture.
I added a few pics so take a look.Thats all I have for now so will be talking to you all a little later


Sunday, November 8, 2009

One more day in HMB

Hello all,
We have decided to stay here one more day.The high pressure is still settling in and the swell is subsiding so I figured one more day will make the crossing to Santa Cruz much more pleasant.After all this is suppose to be fun right?We will stay one night in Santa Cruz then we will bite off the crossing to Morro Bay which is about 24 hours.
Ok,thats all I know for now.I will update when I can.
I will add a few more pics to the HMB album.


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Still in Half Moon Bay

Hello all,
We are still waiting out weather here.The wind turned to the NW last night so now we are waiting for the swell to subside.We will leave in the morning,its suppose come down by tomorrow after noon.With the big swell it was a good day for the surfers.We went out to Piller Point to watch them.The waves were huge.One of the surfers said they were 30 foot plus waves.I took some pics so I will post a few.
Santa Cruz is the next port of call,it should be an 8 or 9 hour crossing and the wind should be good for a sail down.
Thats all for now so will talk to you soon


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Half Moon Bay

Hello all,
I am in Half Moon Bay at the moment.I picked up my crew Sam in San Francisco Monday morning after spending Halloween in the city.Boy were there some freaks out Saturday night.They were all dressed up.I have been in Las Vagas on halloween and thought I had seen it all but I was wrong.
Sunday I met up with a family friend Andrea and her husband Carl.We had dinner and a nice visit.Later that night I went and had drinks with fellow Westsailor Randy and friends.I met him at the Westsail Rendezvous last month.He is a liveaboard there at Pier 39.On Monday Sam flew into SFO and caught a train down to where I was and we headed back over to Alameda for the night.I got to say goodbye to all the nice folks I met there and got a ride to the grocery store to stock the boat up.
I would like to thank the City of Alameda,Grand Marina and its tenants for being so kind and friendly.
We will be here in Half Moon Bay a few days to let the wind turn back to the NW.
I added a few pics to the San Francisco album so take a look.