Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Raining Cheeseburgers

Hello All,
I found a minute in our busy day to write a little something. Two days ago we were tied along side a pump boat when a small airplane flew so low I thought it was going to hit our mast and he threw something out the window. After seeing a few small bags hit the roof of our boat we went to take a look, it was McDonalds quarter pound cheese burger's. The plane made several passes over us and dropped a total of 20 burger's. Some did hit the water but we had a fisherman tied along side so he went and got them out of the water. I don't think I have ever seen any thing like that before. It turns out that one of the fisherman's dad likes to fly over the fishing grounds for a look and gets a kick out of dive bombing some of the boats with burger's from time to time. It was a real treat for sure.
Outside of that we have been busy receiving fish everyday and I am told the season is just beginning.
The month of June is the busiest time so if I can get through this it will get a little easier.
We have had some great weather, it has been sunny for a week now so I am getting a little tan back, Yay.
That,s all I have for now so I will talk to you soon.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Working on the Trask

Hello All,
I have finally got a minute to write a blog after all this time. The salmon season for Prince William Sound (PWS) has started off with a bang. We have just reached a half a million pounds for the fish we have received. Like I said on an earlier blog we don't catch the fish we only receive the fish from the fisherman then we either take the fish to the cannery or we deliver the fish to a bigger boat than us and they take them to market so we can stay out and service the fishing fleet. The big boats have what they call a pump to get the fish off our boat and put it in their holds. They use what is best described as a great big vacuum, you stick it in the fish hold and it sucks them all up through a maze of pipes and the fish end up on their boat. It works pretty amazing. The hours are very long so when I have some free time I go to bed. The work is not to bad it's mostly the long hours that are hard.

We will be getting into the peak of the season pretty soon so I will have less time to write but I am told after the middle of July it gets to be less hectic.

The fishing is closed in the area today so we finally got some time to ourselves. It will open in the morning and be open 24 hours so we will be busy once again.

That's all I have for now and I will write when I can.