Thursday, August 29, 2013

Silver Salmon Season is here

Hello All,
We are still out here taking care of our fishermen even though a few of them have called it a season. The pink salmon run is all but about finished and I understand it was a record year, beating out the summer of 2005. The silver salmon have been filling in the gaps and we have been getting more and more of them every day. They are worth more money but are not as plentiful as the other species. Everyone is hopeful for a good return this year. I guess it has been about 4 years since there was a good run so the fisherman are hoping this year will be better.

Last night we got a little taste of late season weather with a low pressure that is moving through making the water rough and the wind gusting to 30 knots. It should pass by tonight but this will happen more frequently now with fall around the corner. We are hoping to get another 10 days of work out of the season before they call us back to the cannery. So long as there is fisherman here catching fish we will get to stay but if their nets come up short of salmon the cannery will call us back due to lack of revenue. The fishing right now is a little slow right now with the weather so we are at anchor reading books and getting some rest. This next week will be the test to see what the silver season holds.

I will talk to you later.


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Pink Salmon Run Begins

Hello All,
I found some time to write once again. Since I last talk to you we were sent to Cordova for a little break between salmon runs. We expected it to be a 7 day break but as it turned out it was 2 days before we were sent back out to the fishing grounds for the Pink salmon run. It started with a bang last week with everyone getting heaps of fish but as of 4 days ago it has slowed down. Some think it's still a little early yet to get to excited about it being a fair to poor fishing year. Time will tell but if it doesn't pick up here in another week it looks like it will be an average year.

The fishing is open 7 days a week 14 hours a day so fish or not we are busy on the boat. I just got all of the oils changed in our generator and our main engine so there is always boat work to do. There are 3 tenders covering our fishing grounds so every 3 days we get a day off as long as fishing stays the same. We spent our day off in Whittier fueling up the boat and taking a walk around.

The weather has been overcast and raining from time to time but as a whole hasn't been to bad. It has been one of the sunniest summers on record. Of course, I am out here.

That's all I have for now so I will talk to you guys later.