Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Nikiski Alaska

Hello All,
Sorry its been so long since I have been here.I made it home in Nikiski Ak Sunday afternoon.I got in Saturday night Sunday morning.My cousin Rob picked me up at the airport and I stayed with him.We stayed up half the night catching up and seeing how many ways you can mix rum with his exotic bar of ingredients.I have been staying here with mom just hanging out and visiting.I have been around town visiting some friends and just trying to get used to the cold,if that is possible. Monday night I went to a Christmas performance at the high school where I saw my niece sing on stage with her preschool friends and got to see some people there I haven't seen in ages.
It has been around 16 degrees since I have been here so Alaska has gave me a cold welcome.You kind of forget how cold,cold can be after being on an endless summer adventure.This weekend I will be in Homer to attend the Homer Yacht Club dinner.It will be fun to see my sailor friends and swap some stories.
I will be here till the 5th of January so I will have lots of time to hang out with my family and friends untill I have to get back to my floating home and continue my journey.
I have added 3 new videos to the site so check it out.I will update once a week or so while I am here to keep you guys up to date.
Talk to you all soon


Monday, November 30, 2009

Chula Vista Marina,San Diego

Hello all,
I am writing you from the comfort of my own boat,this marina has WIFI Yay!
Since the last time I posted there have been a few events that lead me to this place in South San Diego Bay.
We left MDR to head for Alamitos Bay in Long Beach to pick up my sails and just hang out a few days.When we arrived I went to check in to get a slip and I was asked for insurance for which I have none.They were kind enough to let me stay one night but would have to leave the next day if I couldn't provide insurance paper work.So we left that morning to head for Dana Point Marina,this time I called ahead to get a slip and same thing,no insurancey no parky.We pulled an all nighter to get to Mission Bay which is north San Diego.They have a free anchorage where you can stay 3 days.I figured I could use this free refuge to make some calls and find a place to park this thing.But of coarse its Thanksgiving so no one is open or if they were it was the same wore out question,do you have insurance?We aired up the raft and had Thanksgiving dinner ashore at this Japanese dinner house,I must say that was one of the most unusual Thanksgiving dinners I have had in recent memory.It was such a weird feeling not being allowed to dock anywhere,like I was banished from my own country.

Friday morning arrived so I got on the phone again and walla, Chula Vista Marina would take me in.Boy I was so relieved,after I got here they did tell me that I would have to get insurance but least they were kind enough to take me in.
I have since taken care of that little problem and I get to leave this boat here for a month so I can go home and see my family for the holidays.It is a nice marina and all the folks here are very friendly.Like Alameda ,
town is a trek away so my bike gets a few more miles on it.
Sam left for Los Angeles yesterday to hang out with friends and figure out what he wants to do.As for me,I will work on the boat and get it all ready for me to be gone for a month.
I added pics to Marina Del Rey album and took some of Long Beach and San Diego.I will try to get some video up here to so keep an eye out.
Well thats all for now,talk to you all soon


Monday, November 23, 2009

Marina Del Rey

Hello all,
We finally made it here.Sorry for the delay,we stayed in Santa Barbara an extra day to explore.We arrived here yesterday afternoon.Wow was there alot of boats coming and going out of this marina.I did get a little video of the trip down to here and hope to post it in the next few weeks.We got to sail some out of Oxnard but the wind dyed out.It picked up right before arriving here but we were so close I just kept the motor going.That is the way it works down here.It is calm in the morning but picks up in the afternoon then lays back down after dark.Once I get to San Diego I want to enjoy a nice leisurely sail in the afternoon sun then go back in for a tottie hehe.This Marina is so massive you cant see it all from one place so I think we may air up the dink and cruz around some just to see it all.Just for trivia purposes this is the worlds largest man made harbor with over 6000 boats here. I loaded up more pics under Santa Barbara and I will add more of Marina Del Rey as I take them.
We will leave in the morning for Long Beach and pick up my sails.
Thats all I know for now so will talk to you all soon.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Santa Barbara

Hello All,
Well we made it to Santa Barbara.The weather here is awesome,it gets a little cold at night but the days are in the 70s.I have been here before driving through and forgot how pretty this place is and coming in from the water makes it that much better.
Our crossing down here from Morro Bay was very nice with just enough wind to sail most of the way down.We stopped on San Miguel Island which is the most northern of the channel Islands and found a nice bay to anchor in.We stayed there 2 days so I could do some repairs to the boat and just enjoy the weather.Sam took the dink to shore to check out the nice sandy beaches.
Our next stop was Santa Cruz Island.We had really good wind so got to sail the whole 33 miles to Prisoners Harbor which is not a harbor at all.There is a pier there to fish off of and a little state park there also.It is protected from NW winds but not from alot of the swell.I wont get to detailed about it but it reminded me of sleeping underway in the Pacific Ocean but with the anchor out.After being entertained all night by the lovely Prisoners Harbor (NOT) LOL we headed for Santa Barbara,not 15 minutes into the trip after getting out of the Islands lee we were greeted to 10 foot seas and I recorded 36 knots so the dodger got a work out and the decks got good and cleaned off.I didnt have any sails up but at 36 knots I would have had just the staysail up.After about an hour into the crossing the wind came down to 25 so I put up the staysail and a double reefed main but kept the engine running just to get us here before the weather decided to entertain us once again.The wind dyed out about an hour out so the rest of the trip was uneventful.
I added a few pics to the site and will add more as I walk around here more.
Next stop Oxnard Ca
Talk to you all soon


Friday, November 13, 2009

Morro Bay

Hello All,
We made it to Morro bay Wednesday after noon after briefly stoping at San Simeon Bay.I want ed to stay there originally but we ran into a couple there anchored up that said the weather was gonna come up and wanted to get protection at Morro Bay.San Simeon Bay was really a pretty anchorage and had an awesome view of Hearst Castle.At the last minute I thought that was a good idea so we followed them over here.It was about 25 miles so I think that made it about a 27 hour day from Santa Cruz.
We got to sail for about 12 hours coming down with the wind at our stern and a following sea.It blew up to 30 knots before midnight and by 0300 it was dead calm.Oh well was fun to get the sails up again and hope to do that again tomorrow after noon.The weather has been decent but the seas picked up and so did the wind so we figured we would wait it out here for a few days.
I talked to my sail maker today and he told me hes about a week out on having them done so I am gonna drag my feet getting to LA by going over to see the channel Islands,they are off the Santa Barbara coast.After that I think we will go into Santa Barbara and check that out then on to Alamitos Bay where I will pick up my new sails.
We have been checking out Morro Bay the last 2 days and this is a really cool place.It is a weird mix of stuff.The Harbor mostly consists of fishing boats and the beaches with surfers,fishermen and surfers together in one place,what a mix of culture.
I added a few pics so take a look.Thats all I have for now so will be talking to you all a little later


Sunday, November 8, 2009

One more day in HMB

Hello all,
We have decided to stay here one more day.The high pressure is still settling in and the swell is subsiding so I figured one more day will make the crossing to Santa Cruz much more pleasant.After all this is suppose to be fun right?We will stay one night in Santa Cruz then we will bite off the crossing to Morro Bay which is about 24 hours.
Ok,thats all I know for now.I will update when I can.
I will add a few more pics to the HMB album.


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Still in Half Moon Bay

Hello all,
We are still waiting out weather here.The wind turned to the NW last night so now we are waiting for the swell to subside.We will leave in the morning,its suppose come down by tomorrow after noon.With the big swell it was a good day for the surfers.We went out to Piller Point to watch them.The waves were huge.One of the surfers said they were 30 foot plus waves.I took some pics so I will post a few.
Santa Cruz is the next port of call,it should be an 8 or 9 hour crossing and the wind should be good for a sail down.
Thats all for now so will talk to you soon


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Half Moon Bay

Hello all,
I am in Half Moon Bay at the moment.I picked up my crew Sam in San Francisco Monday morning after spending Halloween in the city.Boy were there some freaks out Saturday night.They were all dressed up.I have been in Las Vagas on halloween and thought I had seen it all but I was wrong.
Sunday I met up with a family friend Andrea and her husband Carl.We had dinner and a nice visit.Later that night I went and had drinks with fellow Westsailor Randy and friends.I met him at the Westsail Rendezvous last month.He is a liveaboard there at Pier 39.On Monday Sam flew into SFO and caught a train down to where I was and we headed back over to Alameda for the night.I got to say goodbye to all the nice folks I met there and got a ride to the grocery store to stock the boat up.
I would like to thank the City of Alameda,Grand Marina and its tenants for being so kind and friendly.
We will be here in Half Moon Bay a few days to let the wind turn back to the NW.
I added a few pics to the San Francisco album so take a look.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

I will be leaving next week

Hi all,
It is official,I will be leaving next week with a crew out of Alaska.The original owner of my boats son Sam will be coming down on the 2nd to crew for me to Socal.It has been a long time coming but I am ready to get going.The boat has never looked better and is a little better set up for the trip.I have 3 new sails being built in Costa Mesa Cali and they should be ready by the time I get there.
I rode my bike all over the Island today taking pictures of homes I liked and of downtown.It is hard to explain what this place looks like,it is not San Fran and is definitely not Oakland.The people here are so friendly and I cant say enough of Grand Marina and its staff.In a way I kind of hate to go but I guess that happens when you get comfortable with a place and its people.I will definitely revisit this place if the opportunity arises.
I will have pictures posted so take a look and I will probably get one more post up before I go.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dodger is done!

Hi everyone,
Today is a good day even though its blowing 25 knots.My dodger got finished yesterday.I am pretty happy with it,there are a few things I would have done differently but it seems to always work that way.The boat is basicly ready to go,in fact I may go out for a sail tomorrow weather permitting.My crew Dan that was suppose to go down the coast with me wants to go out for a day sail and I have been wanting to see a little more of the bay before I leave.Speaking of leaving it looks like around the 2nd of November.I am waiting for a call from my new crew so we can make this happen and blow this Popsicle stand.
I will keep you folks updated as usual.I added some new pics of the dodger so take a look and let me know how it looks.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Leaving next week

Hello All,
The dodger is coming right along.We got the top fitted today and measured for the sides.I was promised it will be done Sunday.That is a good thing,the bad news is my crew Dan had to bail out helping me because it was gonna mess up a trip he already made plans for.I have a few leads so will make something happen.
I am so ready to leave and get the show on the road.That is about all I know for now so will talk to you all soon


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dodger update

Hi all,

It is another beautiful day here on the Island.We had a storm roll though last week.The rain came down for about 8 hours and the wind blew up to 31 knots where I was at.The next day every one came out of there boats all soaked because most of the boats have leaks in their roof.They told me,wow I am glad the storm is over,I said, oh you mean that rain and a little wind was the storm? lol.They dont know what to make of me.Lately it has been in the mid 70s,I think it hit 80 yesterday.
The Dodger frame is on my boat.We worked on it last night till about 9 pm.He just has to fit it for canvas.He told me he should have it done by next weekend so my days are numbered here finally.

Thats all I know for now.Talk to you all soon

P.S. The above pic is my bike I bought a few weeks ago.It folds up so its easy to stow and has 7 speeds.The Island is now my my Oyster :)


Monday, October 12, 2009

Alameda Island

Hello All,
It has been a busy week here on the Island.My Mom my sister and niece and nephew were down here in Cali to visit Grandma Morris last week so they came over on Thursday.We had lunch on the boat and visited then they took me back to Sac to have dinner with Uncle Mart and Aunt Jill,Grandma and family.It was really cool to get to see all them again and had a really good time.I stayed with Mom and Pam at there hotel that night and got to watch Celina swim in the pool and got to see Alex in a bad mood.Lol
Friday I got to do some shopping for some snorkel gear and flippers.They brought me back to the boat that afternoon and said goodbye till the next time I see my family.
On the boat home front,I got to put my snorkel gear to good use Saturday morning.I had to replace my collar zinc on the prop shaft as the old one had rotted off.The water was 65 degrees,it wasent much fun but its done.I also got the hull all waxed up,I couldn't feel my arms till the next day.I checked on my dodger progress this morning and the frame will be done tonight so I should be seeing some action in the next few days.
Yesterday I got to go out on my next door neighbors cabin cruiser to see the Blue Angels fly over the bay and the city.There were a thousand boats in the bay,I was amazed how crowded it was out there.I will post a few pics here so keep a look out.
That all for now.I will keep you updated as events unfold.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dodger blues

Hello All,
I just returned from San Leandro Marina to attend the Northern Cali Wesatsail Rendezvous.I took my new crew Dan over with me Saturday morning.We arrived there at noon and got tied up.There were 6 Westsails total that showed up so it was really cool to see other boats like mine and all the different set ups they have.I met Bud Taplin (the Westsail godfather) and had a little visit with him.I also met all the other Westsail owners and got to board all there boats.Everyone was super cool and very friendly.Saturday night we had dinner at the San Leandro Yacht Club and got to hear a sailing couple speak of there 2 year trip to Mexico.They had a really nice slide show put together for us to see while they talked of the trip.Sunday morning we had a light breakfast at the Yacht Club and said goodbye.On a little side note,this marina reminded me of Alaska because the wind blew 31 knots the night we were there and you can only enter or leave at high water because they haven't had the money to dredge the channel.I guess they finally got the money to dredge so that should help out there business.
Back on the boat,I got to see my dodger frame on my boat yesterday.It is not mounted yet but i hope to see it on the boat the next few days,then he starts the canvas making.I may get out of here before Christmas.(sigh)I guess there is worse places to hang out but I am just ready to get the show on the road.
Well I better get busy here so talk to you all soon


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Painting and more painting

Hello All,

I have been plugging away on the boat here lately painting a new stripe on the outside.Last Sunday I went to the city to see my Great Aunt Dorothy.I took the BART train to south San Francisco and was met by my cousins Bob and Shelly.We went to see Aunt Dorothy and then went to lunch at this really nice place over looking the bay.We went to there home in San Mateo for a bit and and got to see there daughter Paige.They wanted to see the boat so they gave me a ride back to Alameda.They really liked the boat even though its a mess right now.
I talked to the canvas guy today and he should get started in the next few days.
Thats all I know for now so I will talk to you guys soon.


Thursday, September 24, 2009


Hi All,
I have been busy just working away.I am thinking of doing some painting on the sides of the boat.My green strip is looking pretty weathered.I am not looking forward to it ,i have been avoiding the job by doing other little stuff,but I am running out of little stuff to do.I have to service the engine still but wanted to wait for a rainy day.If I stay here long enough I may see rain,like december or so,HAHA.
I talked to my canvas guy the first of the week and he should be able to start on the boat next week.If I am still here October 3rd and 4th there is a Westsail Rendezvous happening about 3 miles from where I am at.Basically Westsail owners gather from around the area and have a party checking out each others boats and Bud Taplin will will be there also.He was the general manager of Westsail Corp in the 70s and runs a business based in southern Cali supplying parts for the 1000 boats that they produced.It really sounds like a good time and I will get to show off my boat.Not to sound conceited but I am sure I will be the center of attention.I have been getting a lot of complements lately so makes it all worth it.
Ok well I am off,talk to you all soon.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Sacramento weekend

Hi all,
I spent the weekend with family in Sac.I went and rented a car Friday and left Saturday morning.It took me 2 hours to get there.The traffic was light so I made good time.I met up with my family at Grandma Morris's house.Aunt Lynn and daughter Alison came down from Reno.Uncle Mart and Aunt Jill came over from Folsom with there kids.The cousins are getting all grown up,I guess its been a while since I have seen them.Grandma had a really nice lunch set up for us and had a really good visit.
Saturday I went and had lunch with Grandma at La bou.It is this really good sandwich shop Grandma has been going to for years.I left to head back to the boat after that.I just turned in the rent a car so I am hoofing it again.I didn't get much done to the boat today so far.After I finish here I will go hit the bricks.
Well I will keep in touch and I will get some pics of the boat.Its looking really good.

Talk to you guys soon


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Slaving away

Hi All,

I am working on the boat today just like I do every day,always something to do it seems like.I have been cleaning up teak today.I had to take a break from it so I came up here to Roosters Bar to have a sandwich and a beer and write all you fine folks.I added some videos to the site so take a look.
Well I am going to get back to it so we will talk to you all later.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Grand Marina

Hi All
Well the Marina has WIFI after all.I got to move the boat closer to the ramp the other day so I can get internet now YAY.It was in the mid 80s today,man that heat just kicked my butt.I am a little tired tonight.I got another coat of varnish on today,that makes three,I am going for four.I cant wait to be done with that job so I can put the boat back together some what.The next thing to do is clean and re oil the teak.I did just a little bit today and its gonna look awesome.I met a few people on the dock today,they were asking about the trip and the boat.Everyone has been very friendly here.I like it.I loaded a few pics of where I am at so take a look and don't get gelous
Ok well I am gonna split here so take care and talk to everyone soon

P.S. Note the palm trees in the pics,it must not be fall yet cause I see the leaves on the palm trees are still green LOL


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Doing Maintenance

Hello All,

I finally got to add a few pics.The internet at the marina was to slow to load pics so I found a bar close by that has WIFI.I have been working on the boat lately.I have been helping the local economy by giving them my hard earned money to make my boat sail better.I also did some varnish work on the wood.I had a visit by my dodger maker yesterday morning,It sounds like he should be able to get to it next week so I will be here till the 20th or so.Its been getting in the high 70s low 80s so not a bad place to camp out.
Ok thats all I know for now.


Monday, September 7, 2009

In Alameda CA.

Hi All,

I am sitting on the steps of the harbor masters office writing this as the internet works best here.Sorry I have been so unsocial,It was a grind to get down here to San Francisco.My crew Andy and his wife Kris just left to catch a plane back home to Seattle.

We had a good trip coming down,winds were out of the north mostly and got to sail for at least half of the trip.The wind lightened up after leaving Coos Bay so had to motor sail most of the way down to the bay.We had fog most mornings but burned off later in the day.We didn't get to see most of the California coast till we made are approach to the Golden Gate.The wind picked up right as we got to the bridge and got to sail the rest of the way in ,all the way to Alameda Island where I am at now.

I had visitors today,my grandma ,aunt and uncle showed up this morning from Sacramento to see my floating palace.We had a nice visit here then went to lunch.I will rent a car here by mid week and go up to see them probably this weekend.

I talked to my canvas maker this weekend and he should be able to build my dodger starting this week but not 100% focused on my boat till the week after.I dont mind because I have a few modifications to do to make the boat sail better anyway and this is awesome weather to do some varnish work and clean up the teak again.I think it hit 80 today and looks like there is more to come.I dont know how much of this sunshine I can stand HAHA.

We went to the city yesterday and did all the tourist stops,cable cars and sight seeing.Its much more pleasant here in the summer than winter which is usually when I am here but much busier.

I really lucked out finding this place to do some work on the the boat because there is marine stores every where and the folks seem real friendly and the moorage here is very reasonable.

Well you are all up to date now and I will write when I can.I will be be here it looks like 2 to 3 weeks so will be a nice break and will have a better boat for the rest of the trip.I am in the process of getting more crew for the next leg to socal so will keep you up to date.I am adding more pics also so take a look.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

In Coos Bay Oregon

Hi All,

Sorry its been so long.we just came in from off shore to look at weather.It is supose to blow south by Thursday so I think we will try to get down to Cresent City Cali and look at it from there.We got to sail over 200 miles in 7 to 10 foot seas with a northwesterly wind.We had to wait for the south wind to turn around to west at Cape Flattery, Neah Bay WA.Neah Bay is a small native village with a nice harbor.We just anchored up there and took the dingy to shore and back.There were a few more boats there waiting also.We spend 3 days there and left Saturday morning.We arrived here at 1100.
Thats it in a nutshell.I will write more when I get time.I hope to get out of here in the morning.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Ballard WA

Hello All,

I am in Ballard WA at the moment.I am here to pick up my crew and head out tomorrow.I picked the couple I met here in Seattle a few days ago.I had a nice chat with them last night and got all the details squared away.We are shopping for stuff this afternoon to get the boat all stocked up again.
My cousins, Norma ,Bill Vanessa and David with kids stopped by the boat yesterday afternoon,we had a nice visit.It was to short but at least I got to see them.
After today I will probably be out of touch for a week or so.I have email on the boat but know way to get it to the blog ,so with any luck I will teach mom how to copy ,paste my emails to it so I can keep the blob going.
This leg of the trip will be about 700 miles non stop so I best get busy.
Talk to you all soon.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

In Port Orchard WA

Hi All ,
I made it here yesterday after noon.The weather was over cast but not raining.The Marina is very nice and alot cheaper than Seattle.I met a couple over here to talk to them about crewing for me to San Francisco.Im still thinking about it and should have a decision by this afternoon.This is a neat little town,I have been here a few times but never stoped to look around.
I will load up some pics here and might come back and let you know what I decided to do.

Ok talk to you soon,


Thursday, August 20, 2009

F/V Sea Star

Hello All,

I am back at Tully's Coffee again,it has excellent coffee and is just a block away.I worked on the boat yesterday ,cleaned up the cabin and vacuumed.It was beautiful evening so i I just relaxed.My cousin Marty was busy last night so we postponed until tonight.
Today I played tourist and went to see the Sea Star,its a crab boat that was on the first season of the TV show Deadliest Catch.Kenny Hindricks was there to give me the tour.His brother owns the boat and kenny worked with him 30 years.Kenny went to High School in Seward Ak in the 60s so it was pretty cool to talk about Alaska with him.I got to see the engine room which is off limits to anyone else.I guess we hit it off.
It is in the 80s again today,wow I am getting a good tan now.I will be leaving tomorrow for Port Orchard to meet up with an older couple that are interested in going to San Francisco with me.
I guess thats all for now.I posted more new pics so you know the drill.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

In Seattle


Im at Tully's coffee at the moment talking to you guys.I made it here from Anacortes yesterday.It took me 11 hours to get here.I left at 0400,boy was it dark.I took a short cut through Swinomish Channel which connects Fidalgo Bay to Skagit Bay then on down to Puget Sound.The town La Conner lies on the southern end of the channel.It is well marked but was still a challenge to negotiate in the cover of darkness and bright lights of the cities around the area.It made the hair stand up on the back of my neck.The rest of the day was much better.It was a beautiful day on the water and hot.I got to sail a little bit but true to form of being inside,it laid down after an hour.

I am meeting up with family tonight,my cousin Marty with his wife and kids are coming downtown to see me and the boat.That is all for now.I will be here another day so will be back tomorrow to keep you up to date.

I loaded more pics up today so take a look


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Leaving Anacortes

Hi All,

I am leaving here Tuesday morning for Seattle for Two days.I am excited to leave but at the same time I have awesome family here and hate to say goodbye.I will head to Seattle for a few days.The weather couldn't be better.My cousins,John and Toni took me shopping today to restock the boat and came down to see it.My cousin John was impressed,he was so happy to see my home on the water and loved the boat.It was so cool to show it to both of them.They were impressed and it made me feel good about what i have done so far.
It looks like I will be a solo act to San Fran but have a few leads for the next leg to Southern Cali.There has been good wind offshore and not big seas so i can handle it from here to SF.I will look for crew there as i will have more time to do so.I will be there a few weeks having work done.
I added my last bit of video i took from Alaska,I know its a little late in the game but interesting none the less.
I will email from Seattle to fill you in on whats going on.I hope the marina has WIFI,they better for 50 bucks a night,although i have paid more for less ,or is that backwards,figure it out and let me know lol.


The Mariners Baseball game

Hi Everyone,

I had a real treat today.The family took me to the county fair,there were live bands and a bunch of rides,everyone was having funThen this afternoon my cousin Derek had a spare ticket to a Mariners game and they were playing the that was pretty cool .It was sold out and the Yankees won.It was a good game.I have never seen a live Baseball game so that was a treat.
I am gonna leave here on the 18th to Seattle and stay a few days.I plan to head down the coast from there to San Francisco.I will keep in touch and let you whats happening.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hanging out with family

The last few days I have got to visit with my cousins.Last night I went and had dinner with Cousin Eddie and his wife Ellen.We had a good dinner and afterwards Eddie and I were playing guitar and bongo drums.Cousin Derek stopped by and had dinner also.It was a fun night.I went back to the boat and stayed the night to do some bright work and varnish some bad spots.I have a few leads on a crew so we will see what happens there.I came back to Toni's tonight.She has been on a business trip the last few days and got back tonight.I have more maintenance to do before I head out so I will be back there tomorrow.
Ok,thats about all I know for now.I will keep you posted on events as they happen,WOW I should be a news man.All my news is happy news.I'm liking this new job,dosen't pay worth a @#%$#% though.

P.S. These pics above are of a boat right in front of me.I will have one of these for the next Inside Passage trip


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Relaxing in Alger WA

Hello All,

Im at my cousin Toni's house in Alger.We arrived on Sunday and my family had a BBQ in my honor.They had a full house,it was very nice to see all the family again.Its been a few years since i have seen them all.The boat is at Cap Sante Marina in Anacortes.I plan to do a little work to it when the rain stops and get it ready for the next leg of the trip,which is the west coast down to San Francisco CA.I am gonna have some canvas work done there.

My crew Michael had to get back to work so right now I am trying to find a new crew to get me down the coast.I plan to be here a week or two so i hope something comes together here soon.

I have been loading up more videos and a few pics so take a look.I will be busy here the next week so I will blog when I have some news and keep everyone up to speed.

Ok I'm off


P.S. These raccoons Toni has been feeding dog food in the back yard


Sunday, August 9, 2009

In Anacortes

Hello All,

We are almost back to America and by the time i post this we will be.Our next stop is Point Rogers USA.It has been a grueling few days crossing Georgia Strait .The wind has been blowing south east which has been our coarse so its been slow going.We stopped in Nanaimo BC last night and found a Yacht Club.They had showers there so we took advantage.It has been very nice the last few weeks.Some days were in the 80s.

I promised you guys on some high lights over the past few weeks so ill name a few here.To date mike has caught four salmon,(2 pinks,1 silver and a king).We visited Bishop Hot Springs,its a cool little place with a dock and some camping areas.We took a bath in the springs,man that felt good ,it was 85 that day so it was a nice treat.While in Bella Bella mike went to town and found the only bar.He said it was kinda different,an empty room with a few chairs and a bar.There were a few locals hanging out and they love shots and love giving you shots.This is a native village,need i say more.I think my favorite place for BC is Port Mcneill.It had a very nice harbour,the town was very clean and folks were friendly.Oh and everything you need is a block away.

We have got to sail some off and on.The passages here are fickle,the wind will be on the beam one minute and the next its in your face then after you take all the sails down it blows on the stern, then you put all the sails back up and sail for a hour at best ,then it dyes down to nothing.We did it like that for a week straight.I am very good at handling sails on this boat.We even dug out some sails i have onboard for different wind conditions and tried all them out.The Iron sail that burns fuel has been working like a champ.I am very happy I spent the money to buy a new engine for this boat.

We hope to be in Anacortes WA by tomorrow afternoon where I will spend a week or two visiting with my family there.I will post more pics and video on the site so keep a lookout


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

In Port McNeill BC

Hello everyone,

We made it to Port McNeill.We just got tied up here and boy is this place busy.There is WIFI right here in the Harbour so I am sitting right here in the cabin.This is to cool.We are on Vancouver Island and i figure we only have 3 days left before we are in Washington.It has been a good trip here through BC,the weather has been excellent.We crossed Queen Charlotte Sound yesterday with a westerly wind and 6 to 8 foot seas.We got to sail for about 2 hours till the wind let up to 10 knots,which is not enough to keep the sail full with us rolling so bad.We will be headed for town here in a bit to get some supplies and i will add more to the blog later and fill you in on some of the high lights.Ill have some pictures loaded up in a few hours and a few more videos.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

In Bella Bella BC


Sorry I haven't been keeping up here.Northern BC is some what lacking in the internet department.I have allot to tell everyone about the trip so far but it will have to wait until i get to a better place and i have more time.The weather has been great and have even got to sail some.We are leaving this morning for Safety Cove and then on to Port Hardy on Vancouver Island.I hope to get caught up there with my blog and a few more pics.

Ok Im off


Sunday, July 26, 2009

In Ketchikan Ak

Well Hello Again,
We got here at 1100.We got to sail for a few hours this morning so it made a fast crossing for us.We left Petersburg on Friday and went through the Wrangell Narrows,a short cut to Wrangell.It was overcast but not raining.What a beautiful piece of water,its like cruising on a lake but only a quarter mile wide in spots.We made it to Wrangell that night and just took a walk around.I must say i like it as much as Petersburg.We left Wrangell Saturday and headed for a small anchorage half way to Ketchikan,about 45 miles,called Meyers Chuck.Its a very small town with basically no services.It is a very small cove and it was low water so there was rocks sticking out all over,stressed me out.They have a Public dock there but it was full of boats so we had to anchor up on a rocks and gravel bottom ,not ideal.We left there at 0500 and here I am.
We will be leaveing here in the morning for Foggy Bay,an anchorage between here and Prince Rupert Canada.

I may be off the air here for a week or so unless i can find internet in Canada,lets hope huh

I have added a few more videos so take a look

Im outtie


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

In Petersburg Ak

Hello all,
We arrived here  yesterday the 21st at 1700.I got ahold of my family that lives here this morning and im hoping to meet up with them this evening.We took a walk around and its pretty cool town.The folks here are real friendly.A fisherman we met down at the dock last night gave us a silver salmon so we will be eating like kings again.We are using the internet at this cool bar, Kito's Kave.I hope we get done uploading stuff soon or they will have to pour us out of here.

I have 2 new videos of us in Prince William Sound and I have more pics under Southeast Alaska.I have more video to upload to get more up to speed but it takes time so im working on it.
Ok, I'm off to change the oil on the boat so we will talk to you soon


Sunday, July 19, 2009

In Juneau Ak

Hi everyone

Im sitting in a little coffee shop in Juneau.We got in at 1635 yesterday. We finally found a place to tie up the boat last night.The Harbors are stuff full here.I just hung around the boat last night.Today we are gonna stroll around some.The weather is good,a little sun and clouds.No rain so far today,hope it holds.Ok ,im going to get busy here.


P.S. Check out the new photos and i have a surprise for Deadliest Catch fans under the Cordova Pics Album

Heading for Juneau Ak

Hello All,

Well we just spent the night in Crab Cove on the Mansfield Peninsula about 50 miles out of Juneau Alaska.It started raining this morning so Mike and I are taking shifts to dry out and warm up.We just came up the lynn Canal and making our way around into Juneau.We got to sail for about 2 hours last night until the wind died about 20 minutes from the cove.Oh well,its hit and miss here in Alaska.Mike caught a Silver Salmon leaving the cove this morning so we had a good breakfast.I just came off wheel watch to warm up and dry out so i thought id take the time to write and keep everyone up to speed.We should be getting in to town about 1530.Ill try to post more pictures while we are there so look for them soon.

Ok I am going to go for now


Thursday, July 16, 2009

We made it to South East Alaska

Well we are here in Elfin Cove AK, just north east of Cape Spencer.We just took a tour around here and it is a very cool place,reminds me of Halibit Cove in kachemak Bay.Had a good crossing across the gulf,mostly following seas until about a day out then got some easterlies .We left Cordova at 1500 on Monday July 13 and arrived here at 1100 Thursday.I must talk about our route out of Cordova,its out Orca Inlet which is very shallow water and has channels you have to follow to a tee.I took the advise of some locals and found the best way out to save me about 60 miles off the trip.It was hair rasising to say the least.I draw 5 feet of water and at times i saw 6 feet but never hit bottom even with the swell.It is not a common route for sailboats only for fisherman but it worked out good and i can say i crossed the Copper River bar in a sailboat.After that it was a 24 hours a day grind to get across the gulf to calmer waters.From here we will work our way to Juneau Ak.Will leave here in the morning and hopefully be there by Saturday.will talk to you all soon.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Still in Cordova

Hello Everyone

Sorry its taken so long to write.I have been busy here in Cordova hanging out and visiting folks on the dock and some people i know from here.

As most of you know myself and my crew michael  left Homer on the 3rd of july and spent the night over at Sunshine point and visited with Zak and Becky Porter that evening.We spent the night there on the mooring anchor and left for Nuka passage to make our way to Prince William Sound to meet up with my friend Daren.He commercial fishs there and wanted to take a little break and show us around.It was a very nice crossing,we had excellent weather coming around the Kenai Peninsula.There wasent much wind so had to motor most of the way but was nice to see it so calm and sunny.We met up with Daren and his family in Port Nellie Juan on the 6th of July and anchored up in a quiet little cove close to where he was fishing.He tied up to us that evening and had a good time visiting and hanging out.

On the 7th we took both boats a few miles down the bay , went to shore and explored an old abandon Cannery.Westgate Cannery the locals call it,it operated in the late 1800's till the 40s or so.After that we motored down to Port Nellie Juan glacier.we left my boat in a cove close by and took his boat to the head of the glacier and got to see it up close,dodging ice bergs and rocks.We had fresh fish that night for dinner and stayed in the cove.

On the 8th we parted ways and we headed for Hidden Bay on the east side of Coross Island.It has a very narrow entrance but opens up to a big bay about a mile in.We anchored up right by a cool little water fall and spent the night there.

On the 9th we headed for Cordova AK on the east side of the sound.Its a little fishing community that has a very rich history.It was the port used for copper ore coming from Kennicott mine by rail from 1910 to 1938.i looked up some friends here,  Dean and Roseanne.Dean fishes here and hes good friends with Daren.We had a nice visit with them the night we got here and Daren left his pick up at there house so we borrowed it to drive around town

On the 10th we drove out to the million dollar bridge.Its 50 miles east of town on mostly gravel road.It was built for the railroad to cross between 2 glaciers.We checked out the Miles Glacier while we were there and it was fabulous.

On the 11th Dean and his dad Harry came down to the boat and hung out a while.They gave me some advise on short cuts to leave here and head south.Nothing like some local knowledge of the area.I took Mike out to Darens house and ran into his father and law,Lee West and his new wife Connie.Lee has his summer home right next door to Daren

Today we are trying to decide when to leave here,maybe tomorrow.

We will be heading for Juneau AK in the Inside passage.I will write more when i can.


Friday, July 10, 2009

In Cordova

Hi everyone,
Sorry its been so long since  ive wrote anything here.Ive been out of internet range.Im gonna have a blow by blow account of the trip to Cordova on here tomarow.

see ya 


Sunday, June 21, 2009

back in Kenai to finish up business here

Got back here in Kenai Friday,i droped Mike off in Kasilof at the Watsons beach site camp where he has worked the past few years,he wanted to visit a few days there.Im helping mom get all her stuff done and getting the rest of the stuff out out of the house.There is not much left, just been cleaning up.We are going on the grid to clean the bottom off the boat and put a coat of bottom paint on the 27th of June in Homer so im getting close to getting out of here.So much to do and no time.Ill be glad to be done with all this and get out of here.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Snug Harbor Adventure

Well hello everyone,
Welcome to my life.These days its been pretty crazy around here.Trying to sell my house and get all my affairs in order to leave and travel down the west coast of the US to San Diego or close to it.
On Monday the 15th of June myself and my crew Mike from Washington went across the Cook Inlet to Chisik Island,Snug Harbor to visit Willie and Jenny Porter and family,they are friends of mine.They own and operate an old cannery site built in the early 1900's,not as a cannery but as a retreat for tourists interested in checking out and living old alaska style.
We left Homer in the morning and arrived in snug at 2030.After tying off to a mooring anchor Willie and his crew,Ben and John picked us up in there fishing skiff and brought us to shore.We had a nice evening visit with them and we got to meet Lee,part of the Porter family and Julia,Bens sister.We got a ride back to the boat later that evening and made a little something to eat and called it a night.
On Tuesday the 16th, Mike and I made some breakfast and aired up my Yacht Tender and went to shore.Jenny had made some awesome pancakes so we had breakfast again and after being full to the gills she started to give me a tour of the property,bunk houses,a galley for feeding the cannery crew back in the day,there was a store there for the fisherman to buy stuff,a dock for boats to fuel and take on provisions and  to deliver there catch.Willy and his sons have done a good job on restoring the place,it is mostly still in tact with all the old canning gear.After the tour we just hung out and i was 20 questions about the whole history and jenny showed me some good books on the history.We had dinner with them that night,opilio crab caught from earlyer in the day and a bone in ham jenny cooked was fabulous.
On Wednesday the 17th, Mike and I made a steak and egg breakfast and took the yacht tender to shore to see what the Porters were up too.Lee, a carpender by trade was putting a new door in the main house and Willy was smoking some king salmon,I got a little taste and it was awesome.I got to learn how to play gin rummy,Mike and Willies crew are good at card games,im still learning but had a good time.
On Thursday the 18th, we had a bowl of corn flakes and headed in to see everyone,we were leaving this day to head back to Homer so went in for coffee and got a few good photos and said goodbye.
Thank you Willie and Jenny for haveing us.Ill never forget it.
We got the sails up on the mooring anchor then turned it loose and sailed for about 30 mins till the wind died.We motored for an hour till it picked up then sailed for about 7 hours across the inlet at about 7 knots, I got to use my newly installed wind vane self steer,wich worked awesome,I didnt have to steer the boat for about 7 hours of the 9 hour crossing.I was very happy about the whole trip.I couldnt be better blessed,to know the Porter family and my crew,Mike.Thank you very much