Thursday, October 29, 2009

I will be leaving next week

Hi all,
It is official,I will be leaving next week with a crew out of Alaska.The original owner of my boats son Sam will be coming down on the 2nd to crew for me to Socal.It has been a long time coming but I am ready to get going.The boat has never looked better and is a little better set up for the trip.I have 3 new sails being built in Costa Mesa Cali and they should be ready by the time I get there.
I rode my bike all over the Island today taking pictures of homes I liked and of downtown.It is hard to explain what this place looks like,it is not San Fran and is definitely not Oakland.The people here are so friendly and I cant say enough of Grand Marina and its staff.In a way I kind of hate to go but I guess that happens when you get comfortable with a place and its people.I will definitely revisit this place if the opportunity arises.
I will have pictures posted so take a look and I will probably get one more post up before I go.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dodger is done!

Hi everyone,
Today is a good day even though its blowing 25 knots.My dodger got finished yesterday.I am pretty happy with it,there are a few things I would have done differently but it seems to always work that way.The boat is basicly ready to go,in fact I may go out for a sail tomorrow weather permitting.My crew Dan that was suppose to go down the coast with me wants to go out for a day sail and I have been wanting to see a little more of the bay before I leave.Speaking of leaving it looks like around the 2nd of November.I am waiting for a call from my new crew so we can make this happen and blow this Popsicle stand.
I will keep you folks updated as usual.I added some new pics of the dodger so take a look and let me know how it looks.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Leaving next week

Hello All,
The dodger is coming right along.We got the top fitted today and measured for the sides.I was promised it will be done Sunday.That is a good thing,the bad news is my crew Dan had to bail out helping me because it was gonna mess up a trip he already made plans for.I have a few leads so will make something happen.
I am so ready to leave and get the show on the road.That is about all I know for now so will talk to you all soon


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dodger update

Hi all,

It is another beautiful day here on the Island.We had a storm roll though last week.The rain came down for about 8 hours and the wind blew up to 31 knots where I was at.The next day every one came out of there boats all soaked because most of the boats have leaks in their roof.They told me,wow I am glad the storm is over,I said, oh you mean that rain and a little wind was the storm? lol.They dont know what to make of me.Lately it has been in the mid 70s,I think it hit 80 yesterday.
The Dodger frame is on my boat.We worked on it last night till about 9 pm.He just has to fit it for canvas.He told me he should have it done by next weekend so my days are numbered here finally.

Thats all I know for now.Talk to you all soon

P.S. The above pic is my bike I bought a few weeks ago.It folds up so its easy to stow and has 7 speeds.The Island is now my my Oyster :)


Monday, October 12, 2009

Alameda Island

Hello All,
It has been a busy week here on the Island.My Mom my sister and niece and nephew were down here in Cali to visit Grandma Morris last week so they came over on Thursday.We had lunch on the boat and visited then they took me back to Sac to have dinner with Uncle Mart and Aunt Jill,Grandma and family.It was really cool to get to see all them again and had a really good time.I stayed with Mom and Pam at there hotel that night and got to watch Celina swim in the pool and got to see Alex in a bad mood.Lol
Friday I got to do some shopping for some snorkel gear and flippers.They brought me back to the boat that afternoon and said goodbye till the next time I see my family.
On the boat home front,I got to put my snorkel gear to good use Saturday morning.I had to replace my collar zinc on the prop shaft as the old one had rotted off.The water was 65 degrees,it wasent much fun but its done.I also got the hull all waxed up,I couldn't feel my arms till the next day.I checked on my dodger progress this morning and the frame will be done tonight so I should be seeing some action in the next few days.
Yesterday I got to go out on my next door neighbors cabin cruiser to see the Blue Angels fly over the bay and the city.There were a thousand boats in the bay,I was amazed how crowded it was out there.I will post a few pics here so keep a look out.
That all for now.I will keep you updated as events unfold.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dodger blues

Hello All,
I just returned from San Leandro Marina to attend the Northern Cali Wesatsail Rendezvous.I took my new crew Dan over with me Saturday morning.We arrived there at noon and got tied up.There were 6 Westsails total that showed up so it was really cool to see other boats like mine and all the different set ups they have.I met Bud Taplin (the Westsail godfather) and had a little visit with him.I also met all the other Westsail owners and got to board all there boats.Everyone was super cool and very friendly.Saturday night we had dinner at the San Leandro Yacht Club and got to hear a sailing couple speak of there 2 year trip to Mexico.They had a really nice slide show put together for us to see while they talked of the trip.Sunday morning we had a light breakfast at the Yacht Club and said goodbye.On a little side note,this marina reminded me of Alaska because the wind blew 31 knots the night we were there and you can only enter or leave at high water because they haven't had the money to dredge the channel.I guess they finally got the money to dredge so that should help out there business.
Back on the boat,I got to see my dodger frame on my boat yesterday.It is not mounted yet but i hope to see it on the boat the next few days,then he starts the canvas making.I may get out of here before Christmas.(sigh)I guess there is worse places to hang out but I am just ready to get the show on the road.
Well I better get busy here so talk to you all soon