Sunday, November 9, 2014

Winter Boat Refit

Hello All,
Here I am again way behind on what I have been up to. The Salmon tendering season ended for me on the 20th of September. After the somewhat slow year we still managed to get 108 paid days in which was a few more than last year so the season ended with a bang with lots of coho"s caught. Right after I got home Mom and I went to the Alaska Pioneers Convention on Kodiak Island. The Alaska Pioneers is an organization where if you live here more than 30 years you can join. Members come from all over the state to meet once a year and share stories and visit for 3 days. Every year they choose a different city to host the event. Next year it will be held in Palmer, north of Anchorage.

After we returned I went to Homer where I have my boat and started working on a tent shop to cover it up for the winter. It has been in the boat yard for a year and a half and it was time to do something with it. After my return from the Pacific it needed some attention. I just finished covering the boat with a 40 foot tent shop, I put down a rough plywood floor and insulated the inside to contain heat produced by a 100,000 BTU diesel heater.I had a similar set up when I originally fixed up the boat in my drive way in Kenai. Fortunately the boat doesn't need all that much work so I hope to have it finished in April.

The repairs consist of refinishing all the teak on the boat, repaint decks and replace all vital mast rigging connections. I brought home the rudder and the smaller wood pieces so part of it will be refurbished here at Moms in the garage.

For the last 2 weeks I have been working on the boat and have been making good progress and so far there have been no surprises, most everything I did 8 years ago is still in really good shape.

It has been a lot of sanding and scraping so not to much fun but will look nice when finished.

I have been staying on the boat as I work on it so makes a little bit of a challenge to keep the work, sleep and eat all separated and to keep some kind of order.

Well thats what I have been up to in a nut shell, I will post pictures on here below.

Talk to you soon and I will do my best to keep you guys all up dated.