Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Painting and more painting

Hello All,

I have been plugging away on the boat here lately painting a new stripe on the outside.Last Sunday I went to the city to see my Great Aunt Dorothy.I took the BART train to south San Francisco and was met by my cousins Bob and Shelly.We went to see Aunt Dorothy and then went to lunch at this really nice place over looking the bay.We went to there home in San Mateo for a bit and and got to see there daughter Paige.They wanted to see the boat so they gave me a ride back to Alameda.They really liked the boat even though its a mess right now.
I talked to the canvas guy today and he should get started in the next few days.
Thats all I know for now so I will talk to you guys soon.


Thursday, September 24, 2009


Hi All,
I have been busy just working away.I am thinking of doing some painting on the sides of the boat.My green strip is looking pretty weathered.I am not looking forward to it ,i have been avoiding the job by doing other little stuff,but I am running out of little stuff to do.I have to service the engine still but wanted to wait for a rainy day.If I stay here long enough I may see rain,like december or so,HAHA.
I talked to my canvas guy the first of the week and he should be able to start on the boat next week.If I am still here October 3rd and 4th there is a Westsail Rendezvous happening about 3 miles from where I am at.Basically Westsail owners gather from around the area and have a party checking out each others boats and Bud Taplin will will be there also.He was the general manager of Westsail Corp in the 70s and runs a business based in southern Cali supplying parts for the 1000 boats that they produced.It really sounds like a good time and I will get to show off my boat.Not to sound conceited but I am sure I will be the center of attention.I have been getting a lot of complements lately so makes it all worth it.
Ok well I am off,talk to you all soon.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Sacramento weekend

Hi all,
I spent the weekend with family in Sac.I went and rented a car Friday and left Saturday morning.It took me 2 hours to get there.The traffic was light so I made good time.I met up with my family at Grandma Morris's house.Aunt Lynn and daughter Alison came down from Reno.Uncle Mart and Aunt Jill came over from Folsom with there kids.The cousins are getting all grown up,I guess its been a while since I have seen them.Grandma had a really nice lunch set up for us and had a really good visit.
Saturday I went and had lunch with Grandma at La bou.It is this really good sandwich shop Grandma has been going to for years.I left to head back to the boat after that.I just turned in the rent a car so I am hoofing it again.I didn't get much done to the boat today so far.After I finish here I will go hit the bricks.
Well I will keep in touch and I will get some pics of the boat.Its looking really good.

Talk to you guys soon


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Slaving away

Hi All,

I am working on the boat today just like I do every day,always something to do it seems like.I have been cleaning up teak today.I had to take a break from it so I came up here to Roosters Bar to have a sandwich and a beer and write all you fine folks.I added some videos to the site so take a look.
Well I am going to get back to it so we will talk to you all later.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Grand Marina

Hi All
Well the Marina has WIFI after all.I got to move the boat closer to the ramp the other day so I can get internet now YAY.It was in the mid 80s today,man that heat just kicked my butt.I am a little tired tonight.I got another coat of varnish on today,that makes three,I am going for four.I cant wait to be done with that job so I can put the boat back together some what.The next thing to do is clean and re oil the teak.I did just a little bit today and its gonna look awesome.I met a few people on the dock today,they were asking about the trip and the boat.Everyone has been very friendly here.I like it.I loaded a few pics of where I am at so take a look and don't get gelous
Ok well I am gonna split here so take care and talk to everyone soon

P.S. Note the palm trees in the pics,it must not be fall yet cause I see the leaves on the palm trees are still green LOL


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Doing Maintenance

Hello All,

I finally got to add a few pics.The internet at the marina was to slow to load pics so I found a bar close by that has WIFI.I have been working on the boat lately.I have been helping the local economy by giving them my hard earned money to make my boat sail better.I also did some varnish work on the wood.I had a visit by my dodger maker yesterday morning,It sounds like he should be able to get to it next week so I will be here till the 20th or so.Its been getting in the high 70s low 80s so not a bad place to camp out.
Ok thats all I know for now.


Monday, September 7, 2009

In Alameda CA.

Hi All,

I am sitting on the steps of the harbor masters office writing this as the internet works best here.Sorry I have been so unsocial,It was a grind to get down here to San Francisco.My crew Andy and his wife Kris just left to catch a plane back home to Seattle.

We had a good trip coming down,winds were out of the north mostly and got to sail for at least half of the trip.The wind lightened up after leaving Coos Bay so had to motor sail most of the way down to the bay.We had fog most mornings but burned off later in the day.We didn't get to see most of the California coast till we made are approach to the Golden Gate.The wind picked up right as we got to the bridge and got to sail the rest of the way in ,all the way to Alameda Island where I am at now.

I had visitors today,my grandma ,aunt and uncle showed up this morning from Sacramento to see my floating palace.We had a nice visit here then went to lunch.I will rent a car here by mid week and go up to see them probably this weekend.

I talked to my canvas maker this weekend and he should be able to build my dodger starting this week but not 100% focused on my boat till the week after.I dont mind because I have a few modifications to do to make the boat sail better anyway and this is awesome weather to do some varnish work and clean up the teak again.I think it hit 80 today and looks like there is more to come.I dont know how much of this sunshine I can stand HAHA.

We went to the city yesterday and did all the tourist stops,cable cars and sight seeing.Its much more pleasant here in the summer than winter which is usually when I am here but much busier.

I really lucked out finding this place to do some work on the the boat because there is marine stores every where and the folks seem real friendly and the moorage here is very reasonable.

Well you are all up to date now and I will write when I can.I will be be here it looks like 2 to 3 weeks so will be a nice break and will have a better boat for the rest of the trip.I am in the process of getting more crew for the next leg to socal so will keep you up to date.I am adding more pics also so take a look.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

In Coos Bay Oregon

Hi All,

Sorry its been so long.we just came in from off shore to look at weather.It is supose to blow south by Thursday so I think we will try to get down to Cresent City Cali and look at it from there.We got to sail over 200 miles in 7 to 10 foot seas with a northwesterly wind.We had to wait for the south wind to turn around to west at Cape Flattery, Neah Bay WA.Neah Bay is a small native village with a nice harbor.We just anchored up there and took the dingy to shore and back.There were a few more boats there waiting also.We spend 3 days there and left Saturday morning.We arrived here at 1100.
Thats it in a nutshell.I will write more when I get time.I hope to get out of here in the morning.