Monday, December 17, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas every one,

I hope this blog finds everyone well and spending time with there families this holiday season. Last weekend I was invited to go down to Homer to attend the Homer Yacht Club Christmas party. It was a good time had by all and I got to tell more Pacific adventure stories with everyone. I invited a couple from here in Kenai to be my guest at the party. They are buying a Westsail 32 that is moored in Kodiak this week. They found me on the Internet and were surprised to find someone so close to them. They have never sailed before so they had heaps of questions about Westsails and I thought I would introduce them to the sailing community in Homer. They plan to bring the boat up and make Homer their hailing port this spring.

Saturday night after the party I spent the night on the boat. It has been very cold here the last few days so with the engine, diesel heater and generator running I got the cabin warm enough to sleep in. I also put up some Christmas lights on the mast to give the half empty, cold harbor some holiday sprit. The boat is doing well resting in the cold water. I keep thinking how much warmer I was this time last year.

This weekend Mom and I will be heading for Anchorage to have our family Christmas with aunts, uncles and cousins. I missed the party last year so I am looking forward to seeing everyone again.

Enjoy the pictures above and Happy Holidays to everyone.