Monday, August 24, 2009

Ballard WA

Hello All,

I am in Ballard WA at the moment.I am here to pick up my crew and head out tomorrow.I picked the couple I met here in Seattle a few days ago.I had a nice chat with them last night and got all the details squared away.We are shopping for stuff this afternoon to get the boat all stocked up again.
My cousins, Norma ,Bill Vanessa and David with kids stopped by the boat yesterday afternoon,we had a nice visit.It was to short but at least I got to see them.
After today I will probably be out of touch for a week or so.I have email on the boat but know way to get it to the blog ,so with any luck I will teach mom how to copy ,paste my emails to it so I can keep the blob going.
This leg of the trip will be about 700 miles non stop so I best get busy.
Talk to you all soon.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

In Port Orchard WA

Hi All ,
I made it here yesterday after noon.The weather was over cast but not raining.The Marina is very nice and alot cheaper than Seattle.I met a couple over here to talk to them about crewing for me to San Francisco.Im still thinking about it and should have a decision by this afternoon.This is a neat little town,I have been here a few times but never stoped to look around.
I will load up some pics here and might come back and let you know what I decided to do.

Ok talk to you soon,


Thursday, August 20, 2009

F/V Sea Star

Hello All,

I am back at Tully's Coffee again,it has excellent coffee and is just a block away.I worked on the boat yesterday ,cleaned up the cabin and vacuumed.It was beautiful evening so i I just relaxed.My cousin Marty was busy last night so we postponed until tonight.
Today I played tourist and went to see the Sea Star,its a crab boat that was on the first season of the TV show Deadliest Catch.Kenny Hindricks was there to give me the tour.His brother owns the boat and kenny worked with him 30 years.Kenny went to High School in Seward Ak in the 60s so it was pretty cool to talk about Alaska with him.I got to see the engine room which is off limits to anyone else.I guess we hit it off.
It is in the 80s again today,wow I am getting a good tan now.I will be leaving tomorrow for Port Orchard to meet up with an older couple that are interested in going to San Francisco with me.
I guess thats all for now.I posted more new pics so you know the drill.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

In Seattle


Im at Tully's coffee at the moment talking to you guys.I made it here from Anacortes yesterday.It took me 11 hours to get here.I left at 0400,boy was it dark.I took a short cut through Swinomish Channel which connects Fidalgo Bay to Skagit Bay then on down to Puget Sound.The town La Conner lies on the southern end of the channel.It is well marked but was still a challenge to negotiate in the cover of darkness and bright lights of the cities around the area.It made the hair stand up on the back of my neck.The rest of the day was much better.It was a beautiful day on the water and hot.I got to sail a little bit but true to form of being inside,it laid down after an hour.

I am meeting up with family tonight,my cousin Marty with his wife and kids are coming downtown to see me and the boat.That is all for now.I will be here another day so will be back tomorrow to keep you up to date.

I loaded more pics up today so take a look


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Leaving Anacortes

Hi All,

I am leaving here Tuesday morning for Seattle for Two days.I am excited to leave but at the same time I have awesome family here and hate to say goodbye.I will head to Seattle for a few days.The weather couldn't be better.My cousins,John and Toni took me shopping today to restock the boat and came down to see it.My cousin John was impressed,he was so happy to see my home on the water and loved the boat.It was so cool to show it to both of them.They were impressed and it made me feel good about what i have done so far.
It looks like I will be a solo act to San Fran but have a few leads for the next leg to Southern Cali.There has been good wind offshore and not big seas so i can handle it from here to SF.I will look for crew there as i will have more time to do so.I will be there a few weeks having work done.
I added my last bit of video i took from Alaska,I know its a little late in the game but interesting none the less.
I will email from Seattle to fill you in on whats going on.I hope the marina has WIFI,they better for 50 bucks a night,although i have paid more for less ,or is that backwards,figure it out and let me know lol.


The Mariners Baseball game

Hi Everyone,

I had a real treat today.The family took me to the county fair,there were live bands and a bunch of rides,everyone was having funThen this afternoon my cousin Derek had a spare ticket to a Mariners game and they were playing the that was pretty cool .It was sold out and the Yankees won.It was a good game.I have never seen a live Baseball game so that was a treat.
I am gonna leave here on the 18th to Seattle and stay a few days.I plan to head down the coast from there to San Francisco.I will keep in touch and let you whats happening.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hanging out with family

The last few days I have got to visit with my cousins.Last night I went and had dinner with Cousin Eddie and his wife Ellen.We had a good dinner and afterwards Eddie and I were playing guitar and bongo drums.Cousin Derek stopped by and had dinner also.It was a fun night.I went back to the boat and stayed the night to do some bright work and varnish some bad spots.I have a few leads on a crew so we will see what happens there.I came back to Toni's tonight.She has been on a business trip the last few days and got back tonight.I have more maintenance to do before I head out so I will be back there tomorrow.
Ok,thats about all I know for now.I will keep you posted on events as they happen,WOW I should be a news man.All my news is happy news.I'm liking this new job,dosen't pay worth a @#%$#% though.

P.S. These pics above are of a boat right in front of me.I will have one of these for the next Inside Passage trip


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Relaxing in Alger WA

Hello All,

Im at my cousin Toni's house in Alger.We arrived on Sunday and my family had a BBQ in my honor.They had a full house,it was very nice to see all the family again.Its been a few years since i have seen them all.The boat is at Cap Sante Marina in Anacortes.I plan to do a little work to it when the rain stops and get it ready for the next leg of the trip,which is the west coast down to San Francisco CA.I am gonna have some canvas work done there.

My crew Michael had to get back to work so right now I am trying to find a new crew to get me down the coast.I plan to be here a week or two so i hope something comes together here soon.

I have been loading up more videos and a few pics so take a look.I will be busy here the next week so I will blog when I have some news and keep everyone up to speed.

Ok I'm off


P.S. These raccoons Toni has been feeding dog food in the back yard


Sunday, August 9, 2009

In Anacortes

Hello All,

We are almost back to America and by the time i post this we will be.Our next stop is Point Rogers USA.It has been a grueling few days crossing Georgia Strait .The wind has been blowing south east which has been our coarse so its been slow going.We stopped in Nanaimo BC last night and found a Yacht Club.They had showers there so we took advantage.It has been very nice the last few weeks.Some days were in the 80s.

I promised you guys on some high lights over the past few weeks so ill name a few here.To date mike has caught four salmon,(2 pinks,1 silver and a king).We visited Bishop Hot Springs,its a cool little place with a dock and some camping areas.We took a bath in the springs,man that felt good ,it was 85 that day so it was a nice treat.While in Bella Bella mike went to town and found the only bar.He said it was kinda different,an empty room with a few chairs and a bar.There were a few locals hanging out and they love shots and love giving you shots.This is a native village,need i say more.I think my favorite place for BC is Port Mcneill.It had a very nice harbour,the town was very clean and folks were friendly.Oh and everything you need is a block away.

We have got to sail some off and on.The passages here are fickle,the wind will be on the beam one minute and the next its in your face then after you take all the sails down it blows on the stern, then you put all the sails back up and sail for a hour at best ,then it dyes down to nothing.We did it like that for a week straight.I am very good at handling sails on this boat.We even dug out some sails i have onboard for different wind conditions and tried all them out.The Iron sail that burns fuel has been working like a champ.I am very happy I spent the money to buy a new engine for this boat.

We hope to be in Anacortes WA by tomorrow afternoon where I will spend a week or two visiting with my family there.I will post more pics and video on the site so keep a lookout


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

In Port McNeill BC

Hello everyone,

We made it to Port McNeill.We just got tied up here and boy is this place busy.There is WIFI right here in the Harbour so I am sitting right here in the cabin.This is to cool.We are on Vancouver Island and i figure we only have 3 days left before we are in Washington.It has been a good trip here through BC,the weather has been excellent.We crossed Queen Charlotte Sound yesterday with a westerly wind and 6 to 8 foot seas.We got to sail for about 2 hours till the wind let up to 10 knots,which is not enough to keep the sail full with us rolling so bad.We will be headed for town here in a bit to get some supplies and i will add more to the blog later and fill you in on some of the high lights.Ill have some pictures loaded up in a few hours and a few more videos.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

In Bella Bella BC


Sorry I haven't been keeping up here.Northern BC is some what lacking in the internet department.I have allot to tell everyone about the trip so far but it will have to wait until i get to a better place and i have more time.The weather has been great and have even got to sail some.We are leaving this morning for Safety Cove and then on to Port Hardy on Vancouver Island.I hope to get caught up there with my blog and a few more pics.

Ok Im off