Sunday, October 2, 2016

Westsail Rendezvous 2016

Hello All,
I just had the greatest weekend at the Northern California Westsail Rendezvous. We met up again at the Richmond Marina Bay Yacht Harbor, I timed it this time, it took me 10 minutes to get over there from where im at, pretty close indeed , anyway I arrived on Friday about 1:30and got tied up, I had some help landing the boat, there was already 3 Westsail boats there so that was handy. After getting settled in I started visiting with a few people I havent met before so that was really cool to see new faces that brought boats. By the end of the day we had 11 boats in all, it was a great turn out and all but one was a Westsail 32. A young couple gearing up to go cruiseing off shore came with a #1 hull Westsail 42 Cutter Ketch. Explaination , cutter has 2 sails foreword and a ketch has 2 masts. Beautiful boat if i may say anyway. I saw alot of the same faces from last year so was nice to visit again.

Saturday, late morning Bud Taplin showed up, recap , Bud is our go to guy for Westsail parts, he worked as a manager for the company in the early 70's, he is a wealth of knowledge and a hoot visit with. Anyway he drove up from home base New Port Beach California to join in on all the fun. He also brought books up that he had published about the Westsail Company while he was there and there are some stories that Westsailors sent to him to put in the book as well. Well needless to say i bought one and had him sign it. I have only skimed through but looks very interesting.
After all of us were boarding each others boats and taking notes on ideas of what someone else did we had a bbq at the Harbor Masters Office party room. I helped set up the tables and did what I could to make it easier on our organizers. I think there were 45 people showed up, It was a great visit moving around the room and the food was great.

I had to leave early this morning to get back to work but all the rest of the boats did a parade on the city front all sailing together. Next year Im taking Sunday off to do this , sounds like to much fun.

Well thats my weekend In a nut shell, Ill post pictures below, enjoy.


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